The affiliate program is based on the use of affiliate links. Links to data can be placed anywhere on the Internet (placed on your website, forum, blog, etc.). You can also send your affiliate link to friends by mail, skype, ICQ.
On our website you can read detailed information about our partner system.
F.A.Q. by affiliate program
Promo code is a unique way to attract referrals. This is a simple word that you can say to your colleagues, friends, colleagues. All he needs to do is enter the promo code in the appropriate field during registration.
For example, select the word "test"
In your personal account - you add the promo code "test" in the "Promo code" section. Here, you can create a link (including a hidden one) for distribution on forums / blogs / various sites (including your own site).
In the text to attract customers - you write any text that will be displayed on the site to which you put the link. The address is the address to which the client will go after clicking on the link.

A secret link is a way in which the client does not know that he clicks on the link with ref. Addition (usually, you can only insert it into your website). The link turns into a referral only after a click and the average user cannot track that it becomes your referral.

Next, you have two ways to distribute the link:
First, you tell your friends / acquaintances or simply on the forum that during registration you can drive your promotional code in a special field:: \n https://bitstart.trade/ru/trader/OpenReal

At the same time, if they drive in this code, trial 20 cents will be credited to their real account  (you can trade and earn money on them), as well as to their investment account. They will receive more than $ 100 ($ 200 rather than $ 100).

It doesn’t matter if our client enters a word in a special field, or clicks on a referral link - he will still become your referral and you will receive a commission from each of his transactions.

The number of promo codes is unlimited for your account, giving you a lot of research opportunities.
For example, you have two sites - you create two tags: site1, site2.

After some time, you will receive 10 referrals, while you will have information on which of the referral links they came and registered - for example, from site1 2 people and from site2 8 people. You can also create two separate tags for oral transmission, for example: Cake, Waffle.

After that, you speak in one company about one tag, in another - about another - and then research statistics. You can transmit all tags verbally, as well as through links on various forums.

Attention: Entering ref.tag immediately before registration is a more reliable way than a link, because the link will depend on the cookie settings in the client’s browser (in 98% of cases this is no problem).

We do not limit the lifetime of cookies in the browser. If your client clicked on your link, then he will be assigned to you until he reinstalls the browser or the entire system.

You can create a promo code in the partner section of the trader’s office.