Any person who has registered a real account in DC BitStart can become both a managed trader and an investor.
Investors can invest in any account they like. At the same time, their profit grows in proportion to the account of the trader. If you invest $ 10, and after that the trader increases his capital by 30%, you get $ 3 - regardless of the trader’s deposit. Your profit depends only on% of the capital gain between the beginning and the end of the investment.
If you invest in a trader who has earned from 100 to 200 $ 100 $, after which he increases the deposit by 100% (up to 400), you will receive 100 $. If you invest $ 100 in a person who has lost $ 50 ($ 50 left in his account), after which he wins back - up to $ 100 - you get $ 100 (100% increase).

In other words - your strategy may include investing in successful traders or investing in unprofitable traders - if they are supposed to have gone through the loss phase.

The most interesting thing is that if you are unprofitable, you can still earn. In most cases, the trader is unprofitable because he cannot stop. If you are able to see that a trader is losing money - you can easily withdraw the investment - after which - at the right time, invest again in a loss-making trader who trades well on the eve of the news.
Example of direct investment
At any time, you can invest in a trader any amount of funds (from $ 1). At the same time, this amount is debited from your account and credited to a special account that is linked to the account of the trader. In fact, your investment is growing at the same rate as the trader’s account.
You invest $ 10 in a trader with $ 100 in the account. After a while, the trader increases the amount to $ 110. Your investment will be equal to $ 11. This takes into account the funds, and not the balance of the trader. It is the funds that are shown in the trader's rating: