We bring to your attention the latest investment system. Here you can both become a trader and receive money from investments, or become an investor, increasing your capital, investing in traders.
You can simultaneously be both a trader and an investor (including investing in yourself) Investor - invests in traders (an unlimited number of traders) and his investments grow in proportion to the contribution. Trader - trades on his account and receives% of the profit that he brings to investors.
If you want to become an investor, just log into your account in the "Investments" section, then select "Traders Rating" and connect to the traders you like.

If you want to become a trader, go to your personal account, select “Investments”, then “Become a trader”, you can choose two types - Real or Demo account. To start working on a Real account, you should have $ 100 in your account. In the table that appears, fill in the necessary information and% of the commission that you want to receive from the investor. Then you can freely trade, and investors can connect to you and invest. If the investor is connected to you, you can get not only the profit that you yourself have earned, but also a commission.

If you do not have $ 100, but also want to participate in the TIS system. You can open a Demo Trader Account. In order for you to go through the first two stages of the investment program, i.e. reach the third stage. Your account will be billed as a Demo. Confidence in it will be less, there will be less investors, so we recommend creating a real account - all the more so - you will increase $ 100, which are invested in a real account.